Vasco Nunez De Balboa

By Edith F.

What did he do before hand?

You probably don't know who Vasco Nunez De Balboa is, (Vasko noonez deh ballbo-uh.) Well, he was the first European to have ever seen the Pacific Ocean! He was never poor, and never rich. Vasco was never satisfied with the regular amount of money. He wanted more so he left his family in search of more money. He became a farmer, he farmed pigs, crops, and cows. However, he was the WORST farmer EVER! His failure was enormous and he left once again. He sailed to Rodrigo De Bast Idas, after another failure of getting some more money, he left. He finally decided to settle in at Hisponola, currently known as Dominica Republic. His life became nice, until a disease broke out and he had to flee. That is when he found Santa Maria.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria was a really nice place where Vasco decided to stay. There, he became the governor of it. One day, he heard of riches around the ocean, hidden and protected. Vasco decided to hunt for the riches. He brought 1 ship with 300 men or so. He sailed and sailed, then reached the area where the Indians lived. He became devastated thinking that others where trying to get his gold and riches. Even though he had no idea where it was. He killed thousands of Indians with dogs, swords, and many other horrible things. Until finally they told him where to find the riches.

His death

After a few more days of searching the ocean, because the Indians told him that the treasure was there, he decided to return to another town. He didn't even realize he was the first European to ever see the Pacific Ocean. With his 3 other special friends, they were beheaded for treason. He died because someone framed him, his friends knew it too. The council wouldn't listen and they died. Later they found out he had been framed, the person who was really found guilty was killed.

My opinion on how exploration has changed over the years.

As you know, technology has advanced exploration and travel by a lot. For example, navigation has changed by using GPS's. Airplanes have also changed a lot for exploring, it makes it easier for traveling and seeing new islands. You already know it, but people still use compasses. I find them useless now because of the ability to use a GPS and google maps which tell you where to go. One new advanced thing that I really dislike is virtual field trips. You visually see the place, but you don't get to feel the marks, or walk on the special ground. I would prefer to go into those places in real life. In my opinion, technology has changed exploration in good and bad ways.

This is extra information

Here is some more information that may not have been included in this article. There are some facts that have not been included in this video. Thank you I didn't create this video. So thanks to the people who made this! :D :3
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