Containment of Communism

how it DID work


Five countries in the whole world are communist countries. That includes north Korea, Vietnam, China, Cuba and Laos. Many countries are still affected from previously being communist such as Mongolia, Russia,Cambodia, and so much more. Majority of people dislike communism but due to their corrupt government they don't really have much of a say. you know that thing to say whatsoever on our mind, Oh yea freedom of speech, Don't you like it? what if everything was equal and u were to be killed if you actually spoke what was on your mind and you couldn't do anything to change it? What now?
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This is a brief introduction about communism.

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How communism was over all contained

Only five countries out of the whole world is communist. They are currently in the process of changing so the citizens can have more freedom. I believe eventually the five communist countries will end up not being communist later on. " Slow and steady " right? Mao Zedong wanted a communist government and he overruled the KMT to get what he wanted, with support from Russia and China. Mao Zedong also grew up as a peasant so he wanted equality. Mao Zedong really wanted communism because that means that no one will be greater than anybody else, just like he wanted while growing up.And i quote," By the end of august, all UN forces were in the pasan perimeter"-thins is like saying that communism was contained in one area. And i also quote,"South Korea has become a prosperous country embracing democratic ideals"- This to me is saying that north Korea was communist but south Korea was not, so like it DIDN'T fall under communism. this proves the domino theory wrong... i think that's probably why its called domino THEORY.

Mao Zedong and the Rise of Communism (World Civ Project)