Jim Stark

Rebellious Teen with a Reason.

Challenges in the Stark Family

Jim may be a troubled teen, but there is reason behind it. Every time he were to get in some trouble, his parents and him would just pick up everything and move. Jim's mom wore the pants in the relationship and Jim despised his dad for it. His dad just went along with everything his mom said or did. Jim didn't wanna be a "chicken" like his father, and that explains all of his reckless behavior. Eventually when Plato dies and leaves Jim lost and needs someone to turn to. A little light bulb in Frank's (Jim's dad) head goes off. Jim needs his dad. He assures Jim that he can trust him and then Jim introduces Judy to his parents.

Jim finds himself

Jim starts out as a rebellious teen, constantly moving to different schools and despises his dad. After Plato dies, something clicked with Jim and his dad. Jim just seems like a whole new person. Jim's dad and him are closer, he doesn't act like the crazy teen he used to be anymore. He is happy. No longer miserable. He learned that life is too short and to forgive, forget and move on.

The "Chickie Run"

The chickie run represents Jim craving to become someone not like his father. his father is a chicken when it comes to Jim's mom. He backs down to her and let's her make all of the decisions. Jim just wants to do his own thing and prove he isn't a chicken.


I thought the whole point of the movie is that everyone has a secret/reason behind everything they do. Jim playing chicken because he doesn't wanna be like his dad. Rebelling because for once he wants to stay in one place and be a regular teenager, Judy wanting to feel good enough so she wears lots of makeup. It's supposed to teach you that you don't know what goes on in everyone's life. Don't be the person to pick on someone for what they wear (they might not have the money to buy nicer clothes), or picking on someone for their weight ( they could be diabetic or have a real health issue to cause them to look like that). It taught me that no one has it easy, don't take what you do have for granted.

What character am i most like and why?

I personally think I am most like Jim. I have similar family issues. My dad never stands up to my mom and it causes me to lose respect for him especially in some cases where i NEED him to stick up for me. I rebel and get into trouble whenever I want sometimes for attention from my parents and sometimes just for the hell of it. Some things that happen in my life do open up my eyes and i'm finally starting to learn that it's time to grow up a bit and not be so rebellious and just talk to my parents and try to work things a little better kind of like Jim trying to work through stuff with his dad towards the end and giving him a little leeway to see if he can trust him .