Pony Boy

Allazha Smith/Period 5

Physical Description

In the story, it says he has light brown hair, kind of red. It says that he has greenish-grey eyes and long greasy hair.
picture source: http://theoutsiders.wikia.com

But in chapter 5, Johnny cuts his hair short and dyes it blonde.
picture source: http://8tracks.com/explore/ponyboy_curtis/popular

He is 14, but he is small for his age.
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He is 14 years old and his full name is Pony Boy Curtis. He is the youngest Curtis brother and he loves reading books, school and watching movies. He is the narrator of the story and is nice and generous and not as scandalous as the other greasers.

He is one of the youngest greasers and his older brother (Darry) worries about him more than he worries about Soda. Darry thinks that Ponyboy doesn't have any common sense and on page 4, Ponyboy says so too.

In chapter 1 it says that he loves his brother Sodapop, "more than anyone".

On page 15, we find out that he got put "into A classes" because he is "supposed to be smart".

Prized Possessions

His most prized possession would probably be the Gone with the Wind book that he gave Johnny and Johnny gave back to him when he died. I know that didn't happen in Chapters 1 and 2 but I think it is a very important part of the book.

Otherwise, his hair is his most prized possession.
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