Rudolf Dreikurs

By: Taylor Lowe


Dreikurs was born in Vienna Austria on February 8, 1897 and died in Chicago Illinois on May 25, 1972. Dreikurs graduated the medical school of the University of Vienna and was a intern for five years. When he started doing research it led him to organize the first mental hygiene committee in Austria and then became interested in the work of Alfred Adler.
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Dreikurs is a social psychologist and his theory is based on four basic rules.

1.) All humans are social beings and their basic motivation is to belong and feel accepted.

2.) All behavior has a purpose

3.) Humans are decision making organisms

4.) Humans only perceive reality and this perception may be mistaken or biased.

Childs Behavior

Dreikurs believes that a child's behavior is the child trying to get in a group or fit in. He uses the following techniques to address misbehavior.

1.) Attention getting

2.)Power and control

3.) seeking control

4.) Seeking Revenge

5.) Displaying Indecency

Although he theory is effective, not many scholarly articles were supportive of Dreikurs work.

Real Life Example

When a child starts to act out pay attention to how he does and what he does when he starts to act out to see if its for attention and power.