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By: Mary D'Haeze

Aroura Borealis

The real cause for this natural beauty is from electrons from solar wing interacting with the earth's atmosphere.

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You can view these lights in multiple different areas like the rooftop scenery or just in your hotel room. Some local legends are that the Borealis are really people in the sky and they arrive when they are summoned.


Thought the forecasters aren't always right they usually try to predict by the solar flares of the sun, if an aurora will be visible the intensity is strong enough it will make the colors appear.


We have locations at both the north and south poles. The reason for our location is because this is the place hat the northern lights are most likely to show up. These are the "hot spots" We are open when we are the closest to the sun, that way the the solar waves have shorter ways to travel, so we can see it easier. The weather here is a bit harsh so bring a warm jacket! The best way to get here is by air plane.
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Many people think that Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are the same thing, but they are not. The Aurora Borealis is in the north near the arctic circle, and the aurora Australis is in the southern hemisphere. The similarities are that they exactly the same except for the location. The color comes from photons released by oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. When the ions return to the ground their energy turns into light, that is the aurora. Each has a different wavelength, different color, and it depends on the type of atom, how much energy has been received, and how the wavelengths blend together, the sun and moon may also affect this.