The Use Of Emoticons

By: Olivia Aker


Emojis are sweeping the nation. A lot of people think they are pointless. Some people use them excessively. They can actually avoid misunderstandings but how much is to much. Read below to see what a local teen says about them.

Interview With Janette Gowdy

We asked local teenager Jantte prefered to be called Jannie about what she thought about emojis.

Q - Do you like to use emojis?

A - Yes I do and I use them quite often.

Q - Do you think people use emojis to often?

A - I agree strongly.

Q - Do you have a favorite emoji?

A - Yes the smiley face emoji.

Q - What do you think the purpose of emojis are?

A - When you use them people won't misunderstandings.

Q - Why do you think emojis are so popular?

A- They are cute.

Q - Anything else you would like to add?

A - No.