Kuznar's Top Chef's

Edition # 35

Daily Specials...

Monday - P.E.
Tuesday - Music and P.E.
Wednesday - Art.
Thursday - Library and P.E.
Friday - P.E. and Wonder Lounge.

Weekly Specials...

Math - Addition, Subtraction, and Time. Intro to fractions this week too! Please complete the nightly homework about time and keep up with the 20 minutes of nightly reading.

Literacy - Assessments all this week and next! Can't believe it's time for end of the year assessments! Students have been working so hard to show me what they know. I'm so proud of them :).

Content -Top Chefs set our butterflies free. We are now exploring plants. Ask your child the parts of a plant, and what they needs to survive. Students also planted seeds this week, so we are so excited to watch and notice the changes taking place.

Important dates...

May 15 - "Lollipops for Tops" Box Top Deadline.
May 20 - GLOW RUN.
May 23 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Ivy Creek/ Penn Park.
May 27 - K/1 Music Program.
May 30 - Memorial Day - No School.
May 31 - FIELD DAY.
June 1 - Kindergarten Ceremony @ 1:15.
June 7 - Last Day of School.

Have a Great Weekend!

Mara Kuznar
(434) 823-4800