Civil War


The Battle of Bull Run

It happened July 21st,1861. It was the first major battle of the Civil War. It was also called the battle of Manassas. Beauregard had an army of nearly 22,000 that gathered at Manassas Juntion. It was fought for slavery and rights.

The Battle of Gettysburg

This battle lasted 3 days. It was the first time the south went into the north. Robert E. Lee was involved in it. It happened on JUNE of 1683. Many of thousands died in this war. They used rifles. They used bayonets (long blades) at the end of their rifles. Many fell dead at the beginning of the war.

Abraham Lincoln

He was the 16th president. He was against slavery. He was a smart and thoughtful lawyer from Illinois. He promised to leave slavery alone and not to let it spread into new territories. Lincoln was known as someone who would stand up against slavery. He was elected as president in November.