Jacob`s Rescue

A holocaust story

Main Characters

Jacob Gutgel is a Jewish boy trying to survive the Holocaust. Jacob`s mother passed away and his father went to Palestine. He lived in the ghetto with his Aunt Hannah and his grandmother. He then was taken in by a polish family that took any risk to keep others safe. Mela and Alex were husband and wife and they escaped from being in the holocaust, this is the family that Jacob lived with while the holocaust was going on .


Jacob`s rescue is based on a true story that takes place in Warsaw about a little eight year old boy living in the ghettos during the holocaust. A poor polish family rescues Jacob and his brothers from the Nazis where they faced life under the harshest conditions. Children didn't even have a childhood it was all about surviving and it was even hard to do so with such little food and the sicknesses going around , once you got into the concentration camps it was even more difficult to survive because allot of people died weather it was because they were starved to death, tortured or put in gas chambers with hundreds of others till they took their last breath.
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The Roslans took many different actions like helping Jacob become healthy instead of staying sick or hiding little jewish boys in their home so they could keep them safe from the Nazis. All these tiny actions did save some peoples lives and kept from some families being torn apart.

Quote/Citation panel

"I hate being Jewish."

When the holocaust happened the people that were Jewish had been treated in the worst conditions humanly possible and it was hard for all of them to survive daily. In this book it truly shows how ashamed people were of being them selves or being the religion they were because they knew the horrific things that they would endure if they were discovered.


I think students or anyone should read this book because it shows what other people have gone through and how terrible the conditions they lived in for quite a while were. It really does show how greatful we really should be for our comfortable bedrooms with privacy, cozy blankets, thick clothing on our backs when cold, house with food and family to love and care for us, but most of all freedom. Freedom to do as we please and to say what we want. People today take everything for granted but when it is gone they realize how precious it really was to them, But back then the smallest thing was important to them because they never knew when it would be taken from them. They realized that everything had to be cherished weather it was a morsel of food or the picture they carried of their loved one in their wallet, because they never knew when the time would come that it would all be taken from them at the blink of an eye, and all that would be left would be the faint memories of the life they once had.