Republicrates look on Immigration

Collin Gilarno

I did Illegal Immigration

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Problems and Stance on the Issue

you might ask what problems plague our immigration systems. Well the main problem is businesses are hiring illegal immigrants which is against the law making illegal immigrants think it is ok to illegally come here.

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it is said that these immigrates help the economy through tax revenue, expansion of low cost labor pool, and increased money circulation. These immigrants are also willing to do jobs most Americans do not want.


people who cross the border break the law. People get angry because if the immigrant goes through with five years with living in the U.S. they will be nominated citizenship making people feel they get awarded for breaking our laws.

Pros with Tightening the Border

Tightening the border will mean not as many illegal immigrants, not all immigrants are "just looking for a new life" there are a decent amount looking for trouble. This will keep them out

Cons with Tightening Up the Border

loss of jobs in the U.S


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Did You Know???

There is 11.1 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Illegal Immigration has been a problem for the U.S for decades!!

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