Boys and girls in separate classes?

By: Rosalba A.P

Would you like it?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in a class full of the same gender? Well in some schools that's required for the classes. Would you like being in a class full of the same gender, I'm guessing not.

Does it improve learning skills?

A study shows that boys and girls shouldn't learn a part from each other because when they grow up they will eventually have to work and learn together. So to make things even easier they shouldn't split up boys and girls at all. Plus by doing that they can learn together now and when they grow up they can work and learn together.

Did you know that classes do better when there are more girls?

A study shows that most classes have increased their grades because there were more girls in the class. That even showed up in a research found in a high school.That amazing! Hey at least your learning more with a majority of girls in the class.

Would you go to an all girls or boys school?

Think about it would actually want to be in a class full of girls/boys? I really wouldn't like to be in it but it's not my decision it's yours. It's all up to you would you or would you stay in your class just the way you like it?