Painting with "Blended Nitrogen"

The best kept secret in the collision industry

Haydell Industries is your solution for spray painting with nitrogen, spraying with Nitrogen, N2 spraying, efficient painting, green painting, and all other nitrogen spray painting solutions.

If you are using compressed air with any type of coating you will save time, money and materials.Our state of the art technology gives you 100% control of delivery.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY UP TO 40% by reducing flash and cure times!

1. Your wet materials usage (per vehicle) will drop an average of 20 to 30%

2. Your booth thru-put will increase by up to 50%

3. Your booth exhaust filter cost will nearly be cut in half.


  1. Better coverage by 27%
  2. Shorter cycle time by 22%
  3. Double exhaust filter life
  4. Incredible paint luster

Patented process puts "Blended Nitrogen" on top

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The “Turbocharger” for waterborne painting is

Blended Nitrogen, and the reason for that is nitrogen

is “anhydrous” meaning moisture free, making painting

with a blended nitrogen system, in place of compressed

air, the best way to get maximum speed and

performance from waterborne.

And just as there have been many advances in

waterborne in the last few years, so it goes with nitrogen.

Older “straight nitrogen” systems are now being

replaced by a new “Blended Nitrogen” by Haydell

Industries. The new system is so advanced it has

been awarded US patent # 8,177,140 with international

patents coming soon. But best of all, the Haydell

system is manufactured right here in the

USA...Lafayette, Louisiana.

The blended nitrogen system is much more cost

effective to operate and much more forgiving for the

average painter. Many times straight nitrogen

required constant adjustments of spray gun pressures,

air delivery temperatures, and tip changes for different

materials (such as primers, sealers, & bases, etc.)

and...straight nitrogen was not at all forgiving with the

more economical clears. On the other hand, the new

blended nitrogen system is easier on the painter, offering

better results with less effort.



The Nitrotech Spray System takes atmospheric air from your existing air compressor and runs it through a membrane. The membrane traps the nitrogen and removes all moisture out of the air.

The nitrogen is circulated back through the membrane, adding back in some of the other materials that were discharged from the air—like argon, carbon monoxide and other trace gases. That combination of gases produces different size molecules, which gives a tighter mill build. From there two key things happen;


The gas is sent into an ionization chamber where it’s given a positive or negative charge. This ionization process helps improve transfer efficiency of the paint when it’s applied because the electric charge causes the paint to be drawn into the panel you’re painting without bouncing off into overspray.


Heat is delivered through an element in the painter’s hose which provides a more consistent and faster application. The Haydell’s Advanced Coating and Application Technologies® allows delivery temperatures upwards of 130˚F. The warmth will produce an extremely smoother finish with superior depth of gloss.

What our customers are saying about Haydell's Advanced Coating and Application Technology...

"It takes one week out of the month to pay for the system and after that the rest is pure profit". J.M. Lexus

"We were so pleased with the product we bought the 5 year rental up front." Rick Case Honda

"Productivity seems to be the biggest advantage. We feel confident we will be able to increase our sales another 15% to 20% by using Nitrogen Technologies." Hendrick Collision

"It’s the best thing to come my way in 28 years" Prestigious Auto Body

"It Saves us 30% in most cases on Material..." Gunslinger Custom Paint

"The quality of the finish with absolutely no added effort was enough to sell me. We have reduced our need to color sand and polish by 50-70%." Rickenbaugh Collision Repair Center

"The Nitrogen Technologies test allowed us to maintain our specified mil thickness while consuming 20% less material" Fontaine Modification Center


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