8 day road trip.

Joseph Angrisano

Day 1 Brownsville

The city of Brownsville ( also known as the Green City) is the sixteenth most populated city in the state with around 182,000 people. Brownsville at the southern tip of Texas located in the urban county. Brownsville has the Rio Grande running right into it. Visiting Brownsville was a blast for me. The first place I visited was the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. The battle was the first major dispute for the border, it was a border battle, also called the Mexican-American war. The coolest monument I saw was an old canon it hasn't been touched or used in many years. I also visited the Madeira Restaurant and It had the best Mediterranean food I've ever eaten that I was almost speechless. Brownsville is a great place to visit especially if your looking for a lot of trees. Something my parents couldent resist was visiting the Matamoros Bride. The Matamoros bridge is a bridge that guides you to the border of Mexico. My family and I needed some real mexican food so we went to get some Crunchy tacos. It did feel a little weird to beout of our country. I saw on one side of the bridge a place of free people and money with tall building and on the other side I saw a poor place with people who needed help. I had one of the best times of my life visiting Brownsville.

Day 2 Victoria


The last time they checked Victoria (Also known as "The Crossroads) had a population of 111,163 in the three counties of the Victoria Metropolitan Statistical Area. Victoria today is located 30 miles from the gulf of mexico. Victoria is a regional hub for a seven- County area called the "Golden Crescent". Victoria is know as the Crossroads because of the location within a two hour drive to Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Victoria is named after Guadeloupe Victoria who became the first president of the independence of Mexico. When I visited Victoria I saw the Roman Catholic Cathedral, called "Our Lady of Victory" named by Saint John Paul II the Great in 1982. My parents always make me go see something holy stuff when we are on road trips. It's their thing, and it's pretty cool. Next we went to go see The Texas Zoo. It wasn't the best I've seen but the animals were great. We went to go see the Primate Exhibit which was recommended as a highlight. I did learn that the zoo was started back when a Lion was donated to the Mayor. We decided to spend the night in town near the Victoria County Court House built in 1892. The next morning on our way out of town we took in a day of Baseball at the Riverside Stadium. This is where the University of Houston, Jaguars play and where the Victoria generals play baseball. We watched the Jaguars crush the Texas Texas. Very satisfying. It was a great day, I liked Victoria!

Day 3 Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is kinda a special place because my sister used to live there and I'm one hundred percent sure that there was nothing exciting to do there. There are about 104,898 people who live in Wichita Falls. The climate is considered Humid and Sub-Tropical which is a fancy way to say steaming hot. The average high temperature during summer months is around 97 degrees! The largest employer in Wichita Falls by an enormous percentage is the Sheppard Air Force Base. in 1964 there was a horrible tornado that left 100 people injured and 7 people dead. In 1979 an F4 tornado hit the most populated parts of Wichita Falls an 42 people were killed and 1,800 were injured. The area of Wichita Falls was originally settled by the Choctaw Native Americans in the 18th century.

Day 4 Decatur


Decatur is a city located in Wise County. Decatur is apart of the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex and is also located 25 miles from the Fort Worth area but is located 45 miles from the Dallas area. The population of Decatur is 6,042. The city has a total of 7.0 square miles and non of the area is coved with water The highest point in Decatur is where the city Courthouse is located. The reason for the city to be placed on a high point was because back then they needed to be able to see any incoming attacks or raids by Native Americans. The first thing I did was visit the Wise County Historical Society Museum. It was pretty weird but it was alright. It used to be the home of Decatur Baptist College. There really isn't much to talk about but it was interesting. Decatur is a small place and there's really not much to do here. The best part about my trip was staying at the Baymont and Suits. It's a pretty fancy place and the food was amazing. This morning I Just grabbed a waffle and a gigantic plate of crispy Bacon! Decatur was pretty awesome.

Day 5 Lubbock


My trip to Lubbock was a long one! It is quite a drive from Decatur! Located up in whats known as the Texas panhandle, Lubbock has some very interesting weather. As we drove there, my mom told me about the giant dust storms that can sweep across the city. Average high’s in the summer can reach up to 114 and lows in the winter are down around 26 degrees. One thing that most people know about Lubbock is that it’s the home of Texas Tech University. The University is the number one employer in the city. My sister tells me it’s not nearly as cool as Texas A&M but it is one of the main Universities in Texas. There are about 240,000 people living there today. I visited the National Ranching Heritage Center. I loved the Ranching Heritage Center!! It had a small indoor museum, and then all the period buildings outside, set up like a stroll into the past. Then two hours later I visited the Silent Wings Museum. I enjoyed everything about the museum. I recommend it to every body. It a talks about a story of many men who came from all over the world to train in West Texas to fight in World War II. I was totally impressed. For hrs rest o

Day 6 Dumas


Dumas is located in the Moore county which is in the Panhandle of Texas.. The population around Dumas is 14,691. Dumas is called what its called today because its named after its founder Louis Dumas. Dumas Avenue is the main thoroughfare(The route or road connecting two places) is the United states Highway 287 and 87. The Government of Dumas claims that the song "I'm A Ding Dong Daddy" was written about the City. It was Composed in the late 1990's by Phil Baxter and Carl Moore. The Government of Arkansas also thinks the song was written about them too. Visiting Dumas was pretty cool to me. my favorite part about Dumas was the Window on the Plains Museum. The Window on the Plains Mesuem kinda gies you a glimpse of what it was like to live in the early 1800's. I also stayed in the Hampton Inn. It was a wonderful stay and it was always clean and comfortable and relaxing. It also had a GREAT indoor pool and the staff treated my family like kings! One time a whe ago my family was driving to Denver, Colorado and we got stuck in Dumas because of a snow storm. That is pretty much what I did in Dumas today. Dumas is a very great place to stay at and i want to go back sometime.
Moore County Airport
I'M A DING DONG DADDY by Louis Armstrong 1930

Day 7 El Paso

El paso

El Paso in spanish means the pass. It sits on the Rio Grande River directly across the border from Juarez Mexico. In 1659 a small mission called our lady of Guadeloupe was established and around this mission the village of El Paso Del Norte grew into present day El Paso and Juarez. Today about 675,000 people live there. There are several large corporations that employ a large number of people in El Paso. The biggest is a compony called T&T, they have over 5,000 employes. El Paso is also a medical hub of the area. There are several hospitals that altogether employ 2,500. Most people dont realize that it can be quite cold there in the winter months the low temperatures are around 33 degrees. Highs in the summer are around 95 degrees. Not so bad for texas. Visiting El Paso was pretty cool but also realy bad. It was WAY too hot there for me to live. I had the biggest sun burn on my back and I didnt even take off my shirt outside. Its almost like the heat and light got through my body and burned me from the outside. That wasnt very fun But the fun part was visiting the Franklin Mountains. But it was still way too hot even up in the mountains. I had some fun in El Paso. I want to go there again someday.

Day 8 Pecos


Well… Pecos is the last city on my tour! It turned out to be pretty close to El Paso, just a three hour drive. Pecos is a very small town, only about 8,700 people live there. Pecos, just like El Paso has a very wide range of weather. The winter low's are in the high 20's and the summer high's are in the high 90's. There is not a lot of industry or business here and that is reflected in the community. The average family income in Pecos is only $26,000 per year.

However, that does not mean there is nothing interesting about this town! Most people here will tell you that in 1883, when a few cowboys got together and had a friendly competition to see who was the best cowboy of them all… American Rodeo was born. They began doing this regularly and on July 4th 1883 the first official Rodeo called "Braggin Rights" was held right here in this small town. In fact, just this last July, the 131st Braggin Rights was held here! Because of this history, the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame is here too. And… if you want to buy a cowboy hat, the Main street is a great place to do it.