STEAM and Active Learning Workshop

from Tricia Fuglestad

Rotational Symmetry with Legos

Here is my blog post with all my resources for teaching students to create rotational symmetry in legos. Or go directly to my tutorial that teaches you how to get started. Read my School Arts Article about our rotational symmetry lego game and finished wall.

Paper Circuit Light Up Robots

Find out how you can integrate a circuit into your artwork to light it up. My 5th graders tried this with robot paintings using an integrated button that lit up an LED light in the robot design.

View my post here.

See my video tutorial here.

View my Donor's Choose grant here.

View my students' results here.

Download my lesson here.

High Five Awesometer made with LittleBits

Find out how to make an interactive piece of art using the Littlebits kit that can help you greet your students while teaching about electricity, conductivity, and circuits.

Augmented Reality Book

Find out how I plan to use HP Reveal to make our transdigital art come alive with augmented reality. See my robot paintings come alive with HP reveal.

Learn how to make art then make it move with two free apps in this post.

Or, go directly to my tutorial.

See these examples of making our art history tile wall come alive with augmented reality.

Miss Detrich's artwork

Ava's kindergarten painting

Augmented Reality Book Covers and Masterpieces

Make reading come to life with augmented reality book covers. View this post with a tutorial and many resources that can make your favorite books come to life.

View also this post that uses augmented reality haunt masterpieces.

Portraits made of Legos

See my lessons where students collaboratively build portraits using legos during black history month.

Use this post to learn how to put a lego mural together.

See our Black History Mural post. Download the plans from TpT.

See this post to learn about building a lego mural from a masterpiece.

See our Pop Art, Mona Lisa, American Gothic, and Rembrandt made from legos.

Mona Lisa Made with Dominioes

Students combine math and art as they worked collaboratively to create a pointillism mural of the Mona Lisa using the plans of mathematician, Robert Bosch. See the post.


This active learning games has students looking, thinking, and asking questions to figure out which piece of art is on their heads.

See how we play it here.

Read the article I wrote up about it for School Arts Magazine.


This game takes many forms as students find their perfect match amongst their classmates. They could be matching up paintings with genres, art concepts with the art that best exemplifies it, or finishing compound art phrases like "one point" and "perspective". See how this looks in my art room.

Download the game based on the Art Institute of Chicago images.

View this post for 7 more theater games.

Color Mix and Mingle

This game has students up and mingling with each other exploring different aspects of color, color mixing, the color wheel, and complimentary colors. I wrote a step-by-step plan for playing this with your class here.

Visual Literacy Creativity Game

(active learning, visual literacy, parts of speech, adjectives, nouns, verbs, illustration, game)

Learn how students can practice visual literacy and parts of speech through this fun guessing and drawing game.

Art Ed Karaoke

(lyrics, embedding curricular content, singing, communication, creativity)

Inspire your students to write songs that embed curricular content with our Fugleflick Karaoke page (or just sing along and learn about art.) Give your students a Fugleflick Film Festival with our Scan-View-Learn book.

Fugleflicks Film Festival

(variety of art concepts, digital storytelling, classroom management, film appreciation, student voice)

Host a film festival with the 100+ page Fugleflicks interactive eBook featuring 48 movies, movie trivia, behind the scenes, articles, and how tos. It's web based and accessible on an iPad or Chromebook. Or print the QR code packet to scan, view, and learn.

Draw Something Guessing Game

(Visual Literacy, Spelling, Illustration)

This student guessing game is a reverse version of the DrawSomething game where students guess a word based on the image and the number of letters in the answer. There are 55 images. Once the game is complete, try asking students to draw words from your vocabulary or spelling lists to continue the fun. See my blog. Download the game.

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