Daddy Yankee "Gasolina"

Type of Music

The type of the music I choose was raggaeton. The significance to the name was that it has a blend of tropical Latin and reggae rhythms. It is mostly played and listened to in Puerto Rico. It is also gets played in the rest of the hispanic and latino countries, and even the rest of the world. Today, many of the most popular reggaeton artistes come from Puerto Rico.

History of the Music

Reggaeton started as an adaptation of Jamaican Raggaeton to the the Spanish language and overall culture in Panama and Puerto Rico. The first Spanish Raggaeton came out of Panama in the 1970's. It begun to spread in 2004. In 2006, reggaeton songs began to place on the Latin Billboard charts. The influences of this music came from Jamaica.

Characteristics of the Music

The main characteristics of Raggaeton music are heavy bass and chords played on the 2nd and 4th beats and an offbeat guitar that is usually played on a down stroke. Any combinations of instruments can be used to play this arrangement. Raggaeton is a mixture of traditional Jamaican music, rock and wester pop. Costumes associated with the music, are yellow, green, and black. Tie- dye is also a staple in Raggaeton clothing. Some famous artists associated with raggaeton are Dandy Yankee, Alton Ellis, Michael Rose, and Pitbull.

Connection to Dance

Reggaeton is an upbeat style of dance commonly seen in clubs all around the world. It is most associated with Latin American youth and dancers. Dancing to reggaeton is associated with moving your hips on beat, and taking small steps.

The Music Today

Today, a famous artists associated with Raggaeton is Pitbull. For the future, reggaeton is popular in Puerto Rico. In America, it is not as popular.