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Ready, Set, Go!

Good morning! I feel like we are off a running to a fabulous 2013! I am so inspired from all that I learned at Directors Conference! I've been to three of them, but this was the best one yet! I learned so much about how to be a better leader and how to improve our business. I'm excited to share it all with you!

Weekly Focus

1. January bookings!

Join a booking blitz, have your own, and don't forget to follow up! I'll be sending the new mini-look books to all my top customers. These can go in an envelope and they are lighter and require only 1 stamp. On Thursday, I'll be calling these people to talk about a show! There is a Corporate Led Booking Workshop today. Click here to view and register:

2. 2013 Rev Up Call

This call will be lead by Carolyn & Katy Barnes, Directors and Kate Stines, Star Stylist. We will be giving you the full scoop from Directors conference as well as tips and tricks for a great 2013!

Call in Tuesday am 1/15 at 10 AM (EST) Call in 424.203.8075, code 531442

3. Plan to attend a Spring Rally and bring someone with you! A potential stylist, a potential hostess, your BFF.....just don't go alone! For a complete list click here:

4. Please fill out this survey today. I'll send you the new 2013 s&d planner if you complete the survey!

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