Sept. 22nd Vol 6

Curriculum Connections

This week students will be:

Science- continuing with elements and compounds, formation of new substances and introduction to metals, non-metals and metalloids.

Math- comparing and ordering rational numbers

Social Studies- Demographic presentations

Language Arts- Vocabulary,

Parent Technology Night- Tuesday, Sept. 24th 6:30-7:30

Don't forget to join us for Parent Technology night. We will spend time helping to equip parents with information to help students be successful with their digital devices. Please bring your student's device and login information. The STEM team will focus on a variety of websites used during the school day, including: Google Classroom, Skyward, STEMscopes, Membean, etc.

Membean Vocabulary

Please remember that EVERY student should be completing 30 minutes a week on the Membean Vocabulary site. This weekly time is counted as a grade for students in Language Arts. (Weeks start on Monday and run through Sunday evening) It is recommended that students spend 5-10 minutes a day to complete this time.


We are so thankful for the supplies that have been sent in over the last few weeks! It is so nice to have the support of parents. As we move forward, there are a few new things we need.

* food coloring (bright colors especially)

* Silly Putty

* Play Dough

* individually wrapped candy (no nuts please)