Week of September 20, 2021

Mrs. K's Counseling Corner for the week of September 20th

  • Our "Essential 36" manner of the week: "Respect all comments, opinions, and ideas."
  • Lunch Bunches are starting! If you haven't contacted Mrs. Kirkpatrick and would like for your child to participate in a lunch bunch, please call her at 817-245-3800 or email her at jennifer.kirkpatrick@bisdmail.net as soon as possible. See previous “Tiger Talks” for lunch bunch topics.
  • Next week, Mrs. K. will finish up September's Peace lessons on kindness, self-worth and friendship. Watch this video that many of our Brock Tigers have seen: Kindness Boomerang. They have loved spotting people performing acts of kindness to those in need!
  • Mrs. K. would like to thank all of the parents and staff for a WONDERFUL INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY!! The Brock staff went over and beyond providing engaging activities to encourage students to "make their mark" on the world! Stay tuned for another Brock Dot Day because Dot Day isn't just one day!
**School is our children's "job." It's a place to learn, grow and be challenged. How can you remind them throughout their long day at school that they are loved, no matter what? Here are some free, downloadable lunch box notes to show your kids love and to remind them to be kind and do their best at "work" each day!

Upcoming events:

  • Custodial Appreciation Day (Oct. 1)
  • Red Ribbon Week (October 25-29)

As always, Mrs. Kirkpatrick is here to serve you and your children, so please call or email her at any time for support.

Maintenance work

Staff and Parents: There are two light poles marked with orange ribbon. Maintenance will be working on the lights. Please do not park on either side of the poles.

Thank you!


  • Arrival: Please have your child ready to exit the car when you pull up to drop off. Students should be released to the sidewalk or middle lanes with an adult. They need to unload as soon as you turn the corner, so we can quickly and safely get them into the school. Please do not wait to unload. We have several adults out front to help them enter the building safely.

  • If you arrive after the doors are closed in the morning, please walk your child in the office to sign them in for the day.

  • 3rd-5th grade Chromebooks should be brought to school charged each day.

  • Dismissal starts at 3:10 daily.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, September 13th-24th: K-5 MAP Growth Window

  • Tuesday, September 21st- Big Kahuna Fundraiser End

  • Friday, September 24th- End of 1st 6 weeks

  • Thursday, September 30th- 2nd-5th Grade Report Cards available in Family Access