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21st Century Cyber Charter School Newsletter: November 2019

A Note From Our Principals

Happy Fall, everyone! We are officially into the second quarter of the 2019-2020 school year! It’s amazing to see how fast time has flown while we’ve been having fun learning!

In October, we were ecstatic to host our second Cyber 5K - even frigid temperatures weren’t able to keep our enthusiasm down! Thank you to all who came out and participated in any way! At 21CCCS, we have been so lucky to have students and parents who support the school and each other and that was more than evident during this event.

We are glad to see our new staff, teachers and students settling in well, adjustments are always easier with help. We are glad to be welcoming more staff members, teachers and teaching assistants this month! Please say ‘hello’ to them when speaking to them in the virtual offices, emails or on the phone and join us to welcome them!

As we move forward, November is a busy, busy month filled with events, holidays and more! We really hope to see students and parents at our Thanksgiving Dinners - both at our Murrysville and Downingtown locations, these events are always a great time! Please be sure to check out the website and social media for more information on the details of these events and more.

For school success and strategies to do well, be sure to remember these:

  1. Start early - Get ahead early in the quarter, you never know what will happen!

  2. Communicate early & often - tell your teacher(s) or your academic advisor if you are struggling with an assignment or lesson. Let us help you figure it out so you don't have to spend time struggling!

  3. Keep a countdown - keeping a countdown can help you stay on track to finish your school work on time! It also helps to build excitement for winter break and holidays!

21CCCS Community Feedback Forums

The Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Brian Cote, will be holding a monthly 21CCCS Community Feedback Forum for both parents and students. This will be an opportunity to get to know Brian, and learn about the process of the school’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Parents and students are encouraged to share information on things that have been going well for our school, as well as ideas/suggestions to move our school forward. This forum will not be a question/answer session. If parents or students have questions during the forum, our staff will work to respond to those questions in our monthly Flex Gazette.
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Can you make a beat? Check out the GarageBand app on your iPad to test out your music creation skills. The Live Loops option in GarageBand makes it even easier to create your next masterpiece. There are so many genres that you can explore and sounds are grouped together based on what compliments each other. We can't wait to hear your new creation!

Counselor's Corner

Counselors Corner

November 2019

Hi 21CCCS Family - it’s November already! November is a time to make a difference. Let’s make a difference in our own lives and make a difference in the lives of others. Congratulations students on completing your first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year! You should be proud of all the hard work you have accomplished at this point. If you are finding you are not happy with your Quarter 1 grades and need to do something different, now is the time for change! You do not want to continue to fall behind the remainder of the year. We still have three quarters left! Some tips on improving your grades and seeing a difference on your Quarter 2 report card:

  • Create a weekly schedule for yourself to help you stay on track

  • Go to and participate in your Live Labs

  • Work in the virtual office so you have access to your teachers for help

  • Remember submitting imperfect work, getting feedback from your teacher, and going back to fix it is better than not submitting at all

  • We are ALL here to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask for help :-)

This month we also want to make a difference in the lives of others. November is a time we bring awareness about all those experiencing hunger and homelessness in our nation. Families and students, take some time this month to donate to your local food banks or shelters if possible. Students, ask your parents if you can clean out your clothes and donate any items you have outgrown. You can also ask if you can do some chores around the house to earn money to buy food to donate to a food bank. If you have a neighbor that is struggling to find a babysitter for their children while they go to work at night or on the weekend, you can offer to babysit, for free :-) This will help that parent provide food and shelter for their family. If you need help finding a local place that accepts donations please reach out to your counselor and we can help you find somewhere. Any family in need of assistance for their own family, please contact our Homelessness Liaison, Ms. Cooke at 610-514-6211 or We are here to help.

We are here for you,

~ Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Moynihan, Mr. Galiczynski, Mrs. Faust & Ms. Cooke

Notes from the Nurse's Nook

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Upcoming Events

Adventure Club

Check out the Adventure club page on Moodle for more information on our trips.
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Cyber Strong 5K Run/Walk

Our families, faculty and the community congregated and we had a great time at our 2nd Annual Cyber Strong 5K on October 5th. ! The fall weather was perfect for a run and proceeds benefited the @CCFoodBank and the 21CCCS scholarship program. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a success.

Photos from the 2019 Cyber Strong 5K.

School Gear!!

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