Building Your PLN With Social Media

New York State School Counselor Association Conference 2014

How To Guide For Using Twitter

  • A Tweet Every update you post to your followers on Twitter is called a tweet. Every tweet has a 140-character limit, and remember: Your tweets are public and searchable by anyone on Twitter, even if they don’t follow you.
  • A Chat is a group conversation that typically takes place on a set schedule. There is a partial listing of chats below.
  • #FollowFriday or #FF is a way to recommend other Twitter users to your followers. It happens on Fridays, and you can search Twitter for the hashtag #FF on Fridays to watch and connect with other tweeps.
  • A Hashtag allows members to follow along a chat or search for topics. Hashtags start with #. There is a listing of hashtags below that are important to #schoolcounselors.
  • A DM or "direct message," is a private message between two Twitter users. In order to send a DM, the recipient must follow you.
  • When you reply on Twitter, you’re responding to a particular tweet someone has tagged you in with a @mention.
  • @mention When you want to “tag” someone in a tweet or direct message on Twitter, you can do so by mentioning them using their Twitter username (like @tmscounselor). Add this mention in and they’ll get a notification that you’ve done so in the “Mentions” section of their account. Essentially, this is used to have conversations with people on Twitter.

Tweetdeck is an app that will allow you to follow a chat.

Storify is a program that puts together a transcript of a chat.

Tweeting Etiquette:

--Do add a short bio and photo to your account. People want to know who they are talking to.

--Do keep your tweets brief.

--Do remember to post your appreciations of someone's tweet you especially liked or found interesting.

--Do follow those who follow you. This helps to find many interesting tips and articles to read.

--Do use the correct #hashtag when posting an idea, tip, or article others may find helpful.

--Do make a professional account that is separate from your personal account.

--Don't tweet negative comments directed at a specific person.

--Don't confuse your personal and professional accounts.

--Don't tweet about going to the grocery store and seeing Superman. . .unless Superman was holding a sign saying, "All my superpowers are a gift from my School Counselor!"


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Influential School Counselors to follow:

Carol Miller ‏@tmscounselor

Carli Segal ‏@carlicounsels

Lisa Savinon ‏@LisaCounConn

Erin Mason ‏@ecmmason

Ross Wolfson ‏@rawolfson

Phil Echols ‏ @PhilEchols

Danielle Schultz ‏ @sch_counselo

Fuji Fulgueras ‏ @fujifulgueras

Jane Ziegler @counselorzig

Kevin Kelly Ph.D. @EmmausKevinK

Susan Spellman Cann @SSpellmanCann

Andrea J. Burston @andreajburston

Tim Conway @tconway1004

Dr. Susan Fuller @EElementarySC

Franciene Sabens @FSabens

Helpful Counselor @helpfulcounsel

Tamica Collard @TamicaCollard

GeekMaster Jeff @CounselingGeek

Jeremy Goldman @MrJGoldman

JanD-M @humbleofferings

Cynthia Morton @c_morton

Mindy Willard ‏ @mindywillard17

SC Crowdsourcing @SCCrowd

MiddleSchoolProblems @MiddleSkoolProb

SCOPE4SCS @scopeistech4scs


#scchat (school counselor chat)

#escchat (elementary school counselor chat)

#sbmhchat (school based mental health chat)

#SCCrowd (School Counselor Crowdsourcing)(

#mscchat middle school counselor chat--no chat—just used for sorting)

#hscchat (high school counselor chat)

#edchat (education chat)

#psychat (school psychologists’ chat--Mondays at 9 EST)

#emchat (enrollment management chat)

Want to stay organized with all the different Twitter chats? Fellow counselor, Traci Brown, has a really great download on her Teachers pay Teachers site. (Don't worry it's free. . .)

Click Here to Download

Facebook Counseling Groups

  • College Admission Counselors!/groups/college.admissions.counselors/

Closed Group

This group is for high school counselors, college admissions professionals, independent counselors, and others of like minds, who deal with helping students plan their futures. This is a closed group - membership requires approval. If there is nothing at all in your visible profile that indicates you have anything to do with college counseling, you will not be approved.

  • Caught In The Middle School Counselors

Closed Group

This is a closed group so we can have open discussions by School Counselors, especially those working with Middle Schoolers

  • Elementary School Counselor Exchange

Closed Group

A closed group for Elementary School Counselors to have open

discussions about their profession.

  • High School Counselors’ Network

Closed Group

A place for high school counselors to network, share ideas, ask questions, etc.

  • Counselor Book Club FB Group

Closed Group

Counselor Book Club was created as a space for helping professionals to find or share their favorite counseling related books and related activities.

  • Play Therapy and Counseling Activities FB Group

Closed Group

A place to share fun and engaging counseling activities!

  • MultiSchool Counselor Club

Closed Group

A place where other counselors "get it" when it comes to providing services to multiple buildings.

  • School Counseling With A Twist (Alt. Ed. Counselors)

Closed Group

This is a place for those of us in alternative settings/schools to share ideas, resources, frustrations, etc.!/groups/33718934183/

Open Group

NYSSCA is the chartered state chapter of the American School Counselor Association, ASCA. The Mission of the New York State School Counselor Association is to promote excellence in the profession of school counseling in order to enhance the development of all students. We are the primary advocate for School Counselors throughout New York.

  • Bilingual Counselors, Social Workers, Therapist, Psychologist.....

Closed Group

This a bilingual page for school counselors, counselors, social workers, therapist, psychologists, and any other mental health professional that may be bilingual and interested in joining a group where we can share ideas, tips, comments, bilingual resources, and sometimes even vent!

ASCA Scene

ASCA Scene is a great way to connect with other counselors, graduate students, and counselor educators and there are a variety of topics and subtopics to choose from.

ASCA Scene


Pinterest is a great tool to find inspiration and ideas for your counseling program. Need an idea for a transition activity, a newsletter for parents, or a lesson plan? Then Pinterest is your go to place.

Here are a few boards to look at:

Carol's Boards

Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a great way for people across the country to get together. Just schedule a time when everyone is available, and invite your group members to "hangout" The streaming video helps to add a sense of togetherness. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, you just don't want to be in your pajamas for this group.

To start a Hangout, you must first have a Google Plus account.

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