Survive or Divide

Will they escape?

The Journey

Risa, a ward of the state, Connor, a teenage fighter, and Lev, a born 'tithe', are all bound to be unwound - a new solution to the abortion debate, which satisfies both those of pro-life and pro-choice. As they run away from the juvey cops and their parents to save their lives, they each grow and realize their own potential throughout their journey. With Lev as their hostage, being that he wants to be unwound, and the cops looking for them, they hide their runaway identities by pretending to be regular school kids. Lev can’t quite figure out what he believes to be the right decision and ends up getting split up from the others through a school panic. While Connor and Risa travel from safe house to safe house, Lev meets a kid named Cy-Fi who teaches him many lessons on life and helps him discover his true self. Will Risa, Connor, and Lev finish their journeys free? Or will they end up lying on the table, preparing to be unwound?