stress Management

everything about stress

What is stress?

Stress is mental or emotional strain or tension.

Ways to manage stress

1 eat healthy foods.

2 learn and practice relaxation methods like yoga.

3 exercise regularly.

4 manage your time wisely

5 don't wait til the last minute to do your work

6 make time for hobbies or interests

7 spend time with people you love

8 sleep or rest up enough

9 keep a positive attitude

10 ask yourself what you can do about your stress

Stress management techniques

Ways not to manage your stress

Ways you should not use to manage your stress

1 drinking or smoking

2 hibernate

3 ignore the problem

4 dwell on the negative

5 eat your feelings

6 take it out on other people

7 leave the past in your mind in any way

8 punching someone

9 withdrawing from people you care about

10 using pills or drugs to relax

Teen stress stats and facts and ways stress affects you

Stats The leading cause of teen stress is school work at 68% and 78% 25% of boys chose to ignore their stress. 17% chose to get support 19% of girls chose to ignore their stress and 22% sought support.Facts Teens say their stress is worse during the school year than it is just at home 42% of teens are saying they are not doing enough to manage their stress 16% have said their stress reduced last year and 31% have said their stress increased ways stress affects your mind, body, behavior, and health Body: headaches can't sleep and rapid breathing Mind: creates free radicals that kill brain cells makes you forgetful and emotional creates a vicious cycle of fear and anxiety Behavior: overeating or not eating angry outbursts social withdraw General health: you can get cravings which can lead to binge eating.