Noticias para la clase de Español

Curso de verano - junio 1, 2015

¡Hola mis estudiantes y bienvenidos a nuestra clase!

Welcome students and parents to our Spanish class. Some of you have been taking Spanish with GaVS since beginning Spanish I and I am glad you are back. If you are new to our GaVS community I also want to welcome you. I hope your journey will be a pleasant one. ¡Les deseo buena suerte!

Parents I look forward to our partnership, as together, we will be able to help your student succeed. I am available for each of you, so please feel free to communicate with me anytime. Parents can email me from their personal email address. Students must use their Office 365 Outlook as their email account. You will create this account as your first assignment when you get to see the course. The link for your email account is posted under Classroom Bulletin Board, on your course homepage.

Please remember, I cannot send emails to you, the student, to your private email account. I can only email you to your Office 365 GAVS account. If you email me from your private email, I will not be allowed to reply!

Lastly, to see your course you must finish the Student Orientation Course first, no exception!

Meet Señora Nigrelli

My name is Yolanda Nigrelli and I will be teaching you Spanish III this semester. I am looking forward to a productive semester and hope you will enjoy the class, as much as, I will enjoy teaching it.

You may reach me by email or phone.

My email is:

Hours of Availability: Monday- Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM

School Phone: 678-870-GAVS (4287)

(please leave your name, concern, and phone number)

GAVS Course Syllabus/Schedule

On the "Course Information" link of your homepage, you will find your 6 Week or 5 Week course syllabus and schedule. But, for those wanting to see it earlier, please click on the link below. Choose the schedule you signed up for when registering for this course. Please read it carefully and be prepared to send copy of the signed "Code of Ethics" as soon as your course is available to you. Follow instructions posted on syllabus on how to post.

Synchronous Classroom - Welcome Chat and Weekly Help Sessions at Open Office

On the "Course Information" link of your homepage, you will see Open Office meeting links for every Monday and Thursday at 11 am. For you to attend these sessions, all you have to do is, choose the link with the teacher's name posted above the date you are wanting to attend. Though not required, we encourage you to attend, especially if you need help.

We want you to attend the Welcome Chat which will be held on June 1 for 6 weeks students and on June 8 for 5 weeks students at 11 am. You will receive an overview of your course at this time.