Christmas carol.


A person would want to read the book cause it is full of great figurative language. First of all, the book shows figurative language like Similes, metaphors and so much more. Second of all, the book let's us identify where the figurative language is and put it to use. Finally, the last way to identify figurative language is with the great book's description, letting us see where the figurative language is waiting for us and put it to some good use.

Sacrificing things for others.

Book sacrifice and real sacrifice

Sacrifices is what makes both books and reality actually real. Book characters sacrifices tells us how the person gave up what is the most thing hey loved ( hey, hunger games is the perfect example of sacrificing something they love. Especially katniss, who doesn't swear once in any of the movies) to help the world. Real life sacrifices tell us how the Edson gives up something they love to help there community be improved. This is a perfect example of one of my sacrifices I had done in the past...I was only ten years old. I discovered Yu-Gi-Oh and watched one episode...I wanted to watch a video on it so I decided to look up Christmas carol addition. I watched it and then my mom asked me if I wanted to give up my DS for a iPad and I sacrificed the beautiful DS...for an EPIC iPad.