Canterbury Google Apps for Ed

Powering Up Collaboration and Productivity!

A day to learn more about the potential of Google Apps and its use in the classroom


1. Looking at Google Apps in the DEC

2. Collaborating on programs in Google Docs

3. Revealing the power of Google Forms

4. Combining the two to enhance student formative feedback

Google Apps Power Up

Wednesday, March 26th, 11am-3pm

Church St

Canterbury, NSW

Day's Divide

10:45-11:00 Setup, Introductions and Morning Tea

11:00-12:00 Google Apps - Apps in the DEC

12:00-1:00 Google Docs - Collaboration for staff, students and more!

1:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:15 Google Forms and Flubaroo

2:15-2:30 Google Goal Setting

2:30-3:00 Play Time