Newsletter-Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2015

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

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Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the spelling word list, the spelling dictation sentences, the xtra math pins, and the RAZ kids login cards.

A note from Mrs. Wells

I did finish DRA's today! Our reading specialist verified the scores, so now I have a baseline to assign "just right" books to the students. Monday, I will tell each student the level of book they need to be reading. After a student has read a couple of books at their level, then I will begin to increase the difficulty. Next week, students will be required to do a digital diary on their book for homework. This will begin by a simple book talk response on a Google doc about what is happening in their book. Doing this weekly and sending it to me will help me to check their comprehension and keep track of the books they are reading. I will make sure all students feel confident on accessing a Google doc by Friday. I received another reminder about homework help in Chrysty Lockhart's room (1403). She is available for any student to come in to work on homework from 7:20-7:45 Monday-Friday. I am sure a few computers will be available for our "digital" homework. I also encourage you to check over their responses and monitor their computer usage.

Math Homework

This week, students homework is xtra math. This is a website that gives math practice to students.

Students need to login 3 times this week and spend about 15 minutes each time working on the site.

I asked them to write their pin password in the planners, but I will attach a list of our classes' pins to an email along with the user name when I post this newsletter.


Please encourage your child to read 15-30 minutes each night and do the RAZ reading assignment. Most students have already logged in and practiced RAZ, but don't worry if there is a glitch. We can work out those problems on Monday.


Sounds of /j/ . I am including our spelling list as a download on my webpage so students can begin studying. I am also including our four spelling dictation sentences as well. I would like the students to practice writing one sentence per night and checking it for correct spelling. It is also an opportunity to practice neat handwriting with correct spacing between words.

Social Studies

We will be finishing up our amendment projects this week. Hopefully next week, I can attach some video of their projects for you to enjoy.


We now can create a complete circuit with a switch. We not only used a bulb for a receiver, but a motor, too!

Enjoy glimpses from our week at Christine Camacho Elementary

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Friday, October 2nd is picture day!
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