Components of Fitness

Gabriela Altamirano-Cartagena

Skill Related Fitness


This picture represents speed because she is using her legs in order to get around the track quickly and staying in her space while quickly going around the track.

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Reaction Time

This picture represents reaction time because when the sound went off or they said go they had to react quickly in order to go as soon as it started. so they had to have a quick reaction time.

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This picture represents powerbecause she is using her force in order jump high to hit the ball as well as hitting the ball hard to get it over the net

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This picture represents coordinationbecause he has to keep his eye on the ball while knowing that when the ball gets to a certain place he needs to move his hand with the bat to hit the ball on time and get it where he wants it to go.

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This picture represents balancebecause she has upright posture while moving across the balance beam without falling off.

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This picture represents agilitybecause they need agility in order to change there direction quickly to get from one side to the other on the agility ladder.

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Health Related Fitness

Muscular Endurance

This represents muscular endurance because they are using there muscles to push themselves up and down repeatedly which means using there muscles to do repeated movement over a period of time while lifting there own weight.

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Muscular strength

This picture represents muscular strength because they are using force to lift the weight in one motion.

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Body Composition

This picture represents body composition because the person is using a tool in order to find his body composition which measures the percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass which is muscle, bone, water etc.

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This shows flexibility because she is using various joints in the range of movement she is using the joints in he spine to bend her back and her legs so that her leg can stretch that far.

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Cardiovascular Endurance

This picture represents cardiovascular endurance because running makes you use your muscles and works your circulatory system more than usual which supply's more oxygen to the muscles you are using during running.

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