Best of Broadway

By Ella Wylie and Inaru Moctezuma

Information about the Song

This two part amazing Broadway mash up includes songs such as 'Hello, Dolly', 'Another Op'nin', Another Show', and 'We Go Together'. It's composed by a number of artists such as Jerry Herman (Hello Dolly), and Charles Strouse (Tomorrow). It was arranged by Roger Emerson, and the time signature is 4/4. Original artists include Martin Charmin from Annie.

Interesting Facts

Annie was the most expensive musical ever created in 1982. There were 500 kinds of Annie inspired merchandise after the original movie was released.

Contrasting Details about the Music

The movies are very contrasting because they are both based off of different kinds of entertainments. One from musicals and one from children movies. Songs in Broadway music are normally more drama incited, and Disney songs are more emotional and/or happy, so they are exciting for kids.