FSE Weekly Update

There's a Superhero in Each of Us!

October 2, 2015

Guardian of the Galaxy!

Mrs. Garrard is our Hero of the Week! Thank you for being the "book fairy!" We appreciate you being flexible during the book fair and helping to get good books into kids hands!

Remember to acknowledge each other for acts of kindness and going above and beyond on our Guardian of the Galaxy bulletin board by the mailboxes.

Lesson Frames

A lesson frame creates mental filters for students. It allows them to know what is important about the lesson and content. Be sure to have a visual- it can be written at the start of the lesson with the students. You should orally read the lesson frame as well. Remember, you should also revisit the frame 3 times throughout a lesson. It keeps the filter fresh in the students' mind.

If a teacher recognizes during a lesson that she will not get to the "I will" as stated, it is ok to adjust the I will. The bottom line is that you must have the student demonstrate learning so that you have a formative assessment of student learning that day.

Homework Lab Tuesday-Friday!

Please send students who need extra support to the library with their breakfast every Tuesday through Friday! We have staff on hand to support them! Instead of students missing recess for not doing homework, send them to the homework lab. This way they can play at recess. Remember research shows us students need lots of physical movement to help them stay engaged in the classroom. Try to avoid taking away recess!

5th Grade Goes to Camp

We want to wish good luck and safe travels to our first group of 5th graders who are going to camp this week! Thank you to everyone who helped to make camp happen!

Tuesday Department Meetings

Tuesday afterschool ANY teacher that teaches ELAR will report to the cafeteria for a quick PD on writing brought to you by our 4th grade teachers. PreK teachers will meet on their own to work on Frog Street Curriculum development. The only teachers left will be 3rd-5th math teachers. You will meet with Melissa Johnson to plan for Math Benchmarks.

Peanut Festival Week

Teachers- Please remember that Tuesday night a majority of our students will be at the Peanut Festival. You may want to plan homework accordingly.

Apply for Grants Now!

As of last week, all campuses have been presented details about the opportunity to apply for grants – the window is now open and closes on October 19th. Individual teachers can apply for grants up to $500 and Campus teams or departments can jointly apply for grants up to $1,000. More information can be found on our district web site in a power point. I encourage you all to apply!

Out with PDAS, in with T-TESS

This is the last school year we will have PDAS as the teacher evaluation system in Texas. Next school year, teachers will use the T-TESS evaluation system. We will have training in the spring/summer for the new teacher tool.

Counseling Corner

Sign up for classroom guidance for this 1st nine weeks. Calendar is outside of Mrs. Torres’ office.

Homework Assistance Lab will be open Tuesday-Friday, 7:00-7:25 in the library.Please send your students who need help with homework!

Paw Buck Store is now open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:25- If your students are asking for particular items for the store, please let us know!

Please look at your schedule for Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Torres.

Please nominate students for mentoring!

Weekly Good News Submission For October

Please be sure to email Kim Cathey for the Wilson County News.

October 5: Teresa Sisti

October 12: Jeanne Friesenhahn/Betty Gonzales/Jennifer Macias/Leticia Gutierrez

October 19: Caroline Cragun/Brandi Shaffer

October 26: Chelsey Ingle/Jordan Sekula

Save the Dates!

Please remember to check the !ALL South online calendar.

October 5- 2:00 Peanut Court Visit in the Gym; Choir After school, GT Parent Mtg 5:30pm

October 5- WEAR BLUE

October 6-8- Group 1 of 5th graders at Deer Creek

October 6- Department Meetings; IFs will facilitate

October 6- Power Up Shirt Day

October 12- Staff Development Day; ELAR check Eduphoria for locations, Math/Science will get info from Leanne

October 13- SPED Team Meeting after school

October 14- Little Sprouts

Happy Birthday to our October Birthdays!!!!

October 6- Karol Koehler

October 7- Teresa Sisti

October 9- LaLa Silva

October 11- Katrina Montoya

October 14- Christy Canales

October 19- Kathleen Frantz and Sonia Lucio

October 24- Brandi Shaffer

October 30- Amelia Ortiz and Leticia Gutierrez

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