The Break-Up Artist

By: Philip Siegel


Becca Williamson is highly talented girl in a very dramatic school. Most teenagers make their money by a simple part-time job or sometimes even cutting grass, but Becca's criteria is a bit more unique. She makes her money by breaking up couples. Yes, you heard it right. For a price of $100, she will break the closest couple to shreds.

Not many people have problems with Becca, but her sworn enemy, Huxley, is a social butterfly with a popular boyfriend from the school football team. With this going on, Becca decides to join the SDA dance team at her school. But the captain of the dance team just HAPPENS to be Huxley. Could this be Becca's chance to get at Huxley? Or is this just another chance for Huxley to bully her more than she already has?

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If you enjoy teenager-type TV shows, then this book could certainly be your favorite. Not only just because it's a little dramatic, but also because it has a very witty story plot to it that you're destined to love!

Warren Humphrey