Different kinds of architecture

By: Tristian

What you do as a architect.

Your goal is a noble one, and a common reason for others to enter into the field of architecture as well. As an architect, the “type” of job you have could refer to the type of constructions you work on or your specific capacity within a given project. For example, you might be a project manager, a designer, or a business owner. Those are all job roles. You may even be surprised by just how much those job roles differ. Each role has a very unique description, and you may find yourself drawn more to some than others. It is also possible that throughout your career you will work in a variety of capacities.

Residential Architect

Residential architects focus most of their efforts on constructing beautiful private dwellings for homeowners. While a lot of the houses we see in neighborhoods around the world are designed identically or close to it (some people call these “cookie cutter” houses), many neighborhoods allow for customized homes with unique styles.

Commercial Architect

If you focus on this role, you may specialize in larger ventures for businesses or government entities, erecting public buildings such as shopping malls, libraries, government facilities, and more. There are also many famous examples of famous public structures, all the more so since so many people are able to experience them. Think back over your life, and you will probably remember examples of impressive train stations, airports, and other public facilities you walked through. Maybe you only spent a few hours in some of these locations, but the memories can stick with you for years to come.
Small House Architecture - Small House, Big Space
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