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March, 20th 2015

School Improvement

Future Math Adoption and Pilot coming to D15

On April 17th Meg Schnoor, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, along with Matt Weidmann, Director of Math and Science will be at our staff meeting to talk about D15 Math 2016. More information to come.

Engaged to be Effective

A Focus on Math!!

Click here to watch the video!

Are some of your students struggling with math? Are you looking for a way to challenge and support all of your students in a meaningful way?

Consider using the Concrete - Pictoral - Abstract approach!

This approach is based on research by Jerome Bruner who suggests that there are 3 steps (concrete, pictoral, and abstract) for students to develop an understanding of a concept. It is also supported by Piaget's theory of cognitive development. In his research he found that students at the concrete operational stage (approx. age 7 - 11) need as much hands-on experience as possible.

But where are the materials?

Team work, creative supplies, and deep thinking will work wonders! This coupled with ideas and lessons from Math in Action K-2 & Math in Action 3-5 can yield a comprehensive way to support students through the concrete, pictoral, and abstract understanding of a concept.

Imagine students using string and post-its to divide the whole into 3 equal shares, or pattern blocks to model multiplying whole numbers by fractions.


If you are interested in trying this with a lesson or unit, please contact Rupal!

Morale Boosters

March Munchkins


You Rock!

  • Annette Mongoven ROCKS! for sharing with me how she is using googleforms to support academic conversations. Thanks! GD
  • Shannon rocks for being a great partner in teaching Native Lit. Co-teaching has been a new, exciting experience!-JV
  • M and M have been so organized and supportive with PARCC materials and administration.

    Kendra for following up so quickly with parents as needed.

    My team (6th grade) for working together like a well oiled machine.:-)

    Monica for supporting me through my first evidence meeting.

  • Karen Dorado rocks for sending some great books down to second grade!-ST

  • Annette Mongovan rocks for always going the extra mile for any student.-DS

  • Michelle--Thank you for making PARCC run so smoothly!

  • Monica and Michelle Rock for doing a superb job organizing all of the PARCC materials! BA

  • Annette and Debby rock for always being willing to help me out and answer any question I have...Thanks! BA

  • Paul ROCKS for stopping at the lending closet and picking up a ton of pants for my office to supply for students! TA

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