Cyber Bullying

How we as teachers need to address this problem.


Cyberbullying and where to find information.

Cyberbullying is a rising problem in schools, predominantly in Middle school and High School. The real problem is that a lot of state laws and school policies have not caught up with technology on the aspect of Cyberbullying. However, the National Crime Prevention Council and the Cyberbullying Research Center have some great resources for school administrators and parents as well. Its great for parents because let's face it, some of this problem happens at the home front too. The kids are never really safe from this cyberbullying problem. They can log onto Facebook at home and school and endure the same problem at both places.

The link for the National Crime Prevention Council is:

And the Cyberbullying Research Center's Website is:

I strongly encourage everyone to look at these two websites because they provide a lot of great information not only as to what this epidemic of bullying is but how it can affect a child's mental health and physical well-being.