Fight or Flight Short Story

Made By: Catherine Mandujano


Fight or Flight is an instinct when you're being threatened. You either fight or run away to avoid messy situations. This is also like the term kill or be killed, but you actually get a way out.

Fight or Flight

Though the wild can be beautiful, it isn't always safe. Organisms now have a quick solution though, and it is called Fight or Flight. As shown above, Fight or Flight is an action you take when being threatened like a frog and a fly, or a lion and a zebra.

The Frog vs. the Fly

Freddie the Fly walks into a bar, and orders a drink. Fabio the Fly is sitting right next to him. They are about to get into a fight. Fabio Fly decides to fly away from the fight that is about to go down.

Good Job Fabio!

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