Amur Leopard

By Hector cabrera Gutierrez

Scientific Name

    Panthera pardus orientalis

the physical appearances of the arum leopard.

Adult male Amur leopards can weigh 80 to 160 pounds and females range from 60 to 120 pounds. Males can reach five to seven feet in length and females can reach four to five feet in length. These cats have long legs that are said to help them when roaming through high snow. Its fur is tan to orange in color and it possesses the characteristic black spots that are seen on all leopards. This big cats coat is much different than that of other leopards because it becomes quite pale during the winter and becomes very bright in the summer to help it blend into its surroundings. Its fur also grows one to three inches in the winter to help it stay warm in the winter months.
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Behavior and habitat

behavior-Amur leopards prey on roe deer, wild boar, sika deer, musk deer and hare. They hide food for later consumption.
  • Long legs are an adaptation to the snowy conditions of its historic range. Its a good climber swimmer and jumper. Amur leopards can jump 20 feet horizontally and 10 feet vertically.
  • It is solitary and nocturnal. It marks its 30-square-mile territory with urine.
  • The leopard doesnt growl like other predatory animals, instead it uses a distinctive rasping call as its main vocalization.
  • Planet Earth ~ Amur Leopard

    what needs to be done to save the Amur Leopard.

    they need to put more security on the woods to keep people away from them so they don't kill them for there skin. They also need to give them a place where they can stay with out them going to just take there homes away. they just need to put the work in to safe these amazings animals.