Shang Dynasty

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The Shang dynasty

The Shang Dynasty were successful people. They were geographically lucky, and they had advanced technology. Their civilization got started in mid 16 to 18 hundreds and they thrived afterwards. Their way of life, location and strong foundation all played a part in their success. Read this article to find out more.

John Shim - geographer

Ancient China was located in middle asia. It was near to the Yellow River, Pacific Ocean, and China sea. Also it had fertile lands. These geography led Ancient China to success. They had barley, wheat and millet to eat, and hemp for clothing, vegetables for their natural resources.

I can say they were geographiclly lucky because they had fertile lands which is good for agriculture. Also, the ocean and the river provided them with water and food. Today, China is located in this region.

Amr Moussa - anthropologist

In education and religion the philosopher Confucius taught the shang dynasty a lot . In education he had a quote that said “learning without thought is labor lost”.This was a summary of the shang dynasty’s way of learning.The shang dynasty thought children to think for themselves instead of just memorizing what they learned. Confucius tried to teach people a lifestyle that gave high moral standards. He did this with noble words. He always called himself a “Transmitter not a maker”. Another part of the shang dynasty’s religion were oracle bones.Oracle bones are objects used to talk to dead ancestors.To do this a diviner would begin by inserting a crack on a orical bone and then wrote a question on the bone. The diviner then burned the bone.Cracks would result from the heat and the diviner read them as an answer.In socity most people work as farmers.The king would anounce when to harvest the crops.

Noah Heckel-Anthropologist

What was Shang dynasty communication like?

Shang Dynasty communication started when the Chinese invented symbols. They then used these symbols to write letters to each other but somewhere along the way the symbols had changed into letters that they currently use today.

What was religion like?

Religion was a big thing there. They were polytheistic or, in English they worshiped many goddesses. They also worshiped there ancestors as well such as dead kings or queens.

What happened when they evolved?

When the Chinese evolved they began to use melted tin and copper to make plaster like goo that they could mold in to boats that were most helpful in war. But boats were also helpful for expanding territory, gathering knew and better supplies, and evolving. They also used copper for trading with others. That was helpful because they were able to get food and weapons for war.

Isabel Ruiz - Historian

Our civilization got its start in the mid 18 to the minds 16. People began to farm in china like rice, cereals, millet, wheat and other sources of foods. Chinese left tools Chinese became more advanced as populations grew villages spread out. And this is how our civilization got its start. The order of events that lead to our civilization was strong rulers began to take power in china. Were There only some leaders like the shang dynasty people. Specific events that changed our civilization Are that china first settled along rivers and grew rice and other food. So it changed for better.

Abia Ahmed - Archaeologist

Vessels that were bronze were used in their ceremonies were important to them. In war they used bronze chariots. Oracle bones were also important to them. They impacted our world today in many ways. Today, we use bronze in a lot of things. For example, jewelry and MANY other things. Shang Dynasty is known for using bronze in their artwork. Shang Dynasty had the earliest known writing system because they had the evidence on tortoise shells. They were the ones who created the first writing system! We use the writing system at school, job, or just for fun. Since we use our writing system everyday of our lives, we should know how it began.

Three Ancient China Dynasties wanted to make history by beginning the civilization. The Shang Dynasty began the first known writing system, bronze, and chariots. They had advanced technology, especially in bronze.