How anti-federalists affect the U.S

Kristian Tunnell

What's wrong with political parties?

Before I'm going to talk about the first two political parties, I'm going to talk about why having political parties is not good for society. It makes us vote for representatives that are part of your political party in stead of voting because they have certain political beliefs. It also separates the country; it separates us into groups like republican, democrat, liberal etc. Even George Washington in his last inaugural address he said that having political parties distracts the public.

How was the anti-federalist party created?

Thomas Jefferson was the creator of the anti-federalist party in response to the federal party(created by Alexander Hamilton). The anti-federalist party was the opposite of the federalist party in every way; even how the government should work.

What are the anti-federalist party's political beliefs?

The anti-federalists believed in strong state government and a weak national government, and they wanted state banks and not a national bank. They wanted a strong legislative branch and not a strong executive branch; and they also wanted the states to decide if they should pay taxes or not.

Which political party came into power?

Thomas Jefferson(the first anti-federalist) was elected in 1801(source used for this was, and even though he was an anti-federalist he set his personal beliefs aside for the greater good. So really neither party rose to power but the anti-federalist made sure their wasn't a national bank and the federalists made sure we had a strong national government. So they both got a little of what they wanted.

what political party did the anti federalists become?

The democratic republicans(anti-federalists) soon became the Jacksonians and the National republicans(Info. for this found here The Jacksonians were supporters of Andrew Jackson and the national republicans were against Andrew Jackson and favored John Quincy Adams. Then they became the Nullifier party, which were a group of people who supported the idea of a state being able to nullify a federal law. The Liberty party focused on ending slavery. I could sit here all day naming all the political parties the original two became. The anti-federalist party and federalist party created a chain reaction of more political parties that affects us to this day.

How did the anti-federalist and federalists affect future U.S?

The first two political parties caused a chain reaction of other ones and affected how our system of government works. Because of these parties the national government has supreme power, we have no national bank, etc. Without these parties we would have an entirely different system and political parties.