High School Sports Coach

By: Joseph Russo 801

What are some tasks and responsibilities of your career? What are the work environments and conditions?

Some of the tasks of my career are to plan and organize practices, explain and enforce safety rules and regulations, develop and arrange game schedules and types of programs, plan strategies, help athletes improve as a player, motivate and encourage athletes to not give up, and one of the most important thing which is to win. The work environments for a sports coach isn't really normal compared to a regular career. They can work long hours sometimes and work on holidays and many other random times. The conditions for this career is that a sports coach can work inside or outside.
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What is the type and amount of education and training that you need for your career? Where will you get the education and training?

The type and amount of education/training needed for my career is to have a certification requirements of learning CPR and partake in any necessary training and education programs by the state. Also in addition to any certification I will have a bachelors degree in physical education to teach 7th -12th graders. I will get the education and training by attending a local college so I am able to get my bachelors degree. This will take around 4 years.
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What are the requirements for higher level positions and pay?

The requirements for higher level positions and pay is to have a lot of experience about my career(know all the fundamentals of the sport that I will coach), a high level education (to have good knowledge), leadership (to be a good role model), and communication skills (speaking to people with good manners and proving a point across) to make myself the best coach I can be.
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What is the average salary of your career? What is the highest career level salary? What are the possible benefits?

The average salary of my career in New York for entry level workers are $20,310 a year. For experienced workers average salary in New York is $48,220 a year. The highest career level salary range for my career is $45,230- $60,405. The possible benefits of my career is to go into a good high school with good benefits such as insurance, healthy insurance, and retirement insurance.
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What natural abilities are needed for your career? What types of personal values are required?

The natural abilities that are needed for my career is to be athletic, you need to know the fundamentals of the game you are coaching for me which is baseball and basketball, making smart and careful decisions etc. The types of personal values that are required for my career is: 1) To be on time.

2) To be responsible.

3) To work hard.

4) To dedicate yourself when you go to work.