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the worlds most famousand most wanted since shoes and carseverybodys favorite CANDY!!!!! such as Airheads, Hersey, Skittles, and almost everyone most favorite GUM!!!!!.

about CANDY!!!!!!!

Air heads taste wonderful because, every air head has different flavors.Every airhead has different colors, to go with each air head with that specific flavor for each air head. Air heads will make your mouth water with every bite u take. Air heads were born in 1985. Hersey has been making memory's with nearly every family in the world, the flavorof hersey bars &kisses are made of chocolatey goodness and in 1894 was the start of the manufacture of the hersey chocolate and in 1905 for the dairy for hersey chocolate. Skittles were first made in 1948 for being manufactured in the brown bag,Skittles have different colors and flavors for every bag and every skittle packs a juicy bite evry time you eat skittles and last but not least nearly everybodys favorite GUM!!!!!!!!,gum is chewable and the spanish word for gum is cheekle , gum progressed into different flavors and colors but gum was originated in mexico from a maple tree sap