Egyptian Mau

Silver is better then Gold

Egyptian Mau paragraph

Egyptian Mau’s fur colors are light gray body with darker gray flecks and swamp water eyes. Here are some good traits. This breed is over 3,000 years old, the only cat to be naturally spotted and kid friendly. Here’s why I think this animal will be a good pet. It’s full of energy doesn’t have much heath issues does not like strange people, you don’t need to groom it smart cat. Here what I like best about this animal. It has no fear this breed was around 1550 B.C. Does not weigh much athletic and makes different sounds.

Egyptian Mau Song

You can bring them home they’ll be softly mewing probley doing summersaults meow meow meow meow they will not settle down but they will make you laugh you can train it day and night before you flip your top Egyptian Mau Egyptian Mau the are so cute they can play with you all day.

Egyptian Mau Ciquain Poem


Fluffy fur

Gray, spotted, pretty

Teeth white and shiny

Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau Pet Choice

I think this pet would fit my life style because I’m full of energy and the Egyptian Mau is to. I think it would be a good choice for me is because it has no fears and is the exact opposite of me. Another reason for it to be a good fit pet for me is because I plan to have kids and the Egyptian Mau is kid friendly. The last reason is it makes different sounds for different reasons.

Pixie Bob Kitten Paragraph

Pixie bob kittens fur colors range to light and medium brown to spotted tabby and also mouse gray. The eyes are colors from gold to brown and maybe gooseberry green. Some good traits are the pixie bob likes water also it doesn’t leave home for long and it has courage. Here are some reasons that pixie bobs are good pets they are playful and a cool thing is they don’t meow they chatter and chirp, they also get along with dogs and they are loyal and they are quiet. Oh the coolest thing is they have a belly pouch. Here’s what I like best about this animal it’s feet can have seven toes. The tail can be 2 to 6 inches long and it’s also related to the coastal red bobcat.

Golden Retrever Paragraph

Golden retriever’s fur is yellowish pale and its eyes are black, it has a wet tongue it also has good teeth and thick fur. Here are some good traits, this dog is human friendly, playful, and full of energy. This one does not usually bark or howl. Here’s why this animal is a good pet kid friendly, dog friendly and doesn’t drool a lot doesn’t like being alone a lot. Will sometimes hunt. Here’s why I think this animal will be a good pet. It is easy to train you can exercise it a lot, doesn’t wander around a lot and smart it is also easy

To groom. Does not shed a lot.

African Grey Paragraph

The African grey’s feather color is a light gray body with a red tail with a black beak. White face and brownish black feet. Here are some good traits, you can teach them more than 1,000 words and one of the most popular pet bird species. Here’s why I think this is a good pet, likes one person can imitate lots of voices sometimes quiet and can live for 50 years. Here’s what I like best about this animal, they are playful and female African greys like men and vis versu.

Lizzapaner Paragraph

Lipizzaner’s coats are white with a white mane and tail. Also a reddish pink nose and tan hooves and black eyes. Here are some good traits, created in the 1500s has large ears. It’s 15 to 16.1 hands and a rare breed. Here’s why I think this animal is a good pet, muscular legs also a descendent from lots of horses from Europe and a context horse. Here’s what I like best about this animal, I like that it’s white also warm blooded, favorite breed in dressage and almost extinct during world war two.

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