The Story~Star Connection

Exceptional Enrichment Projects

Enrichment Projects

Enrichment activities broaden a child's learning experience and promote a high level of thinking! The experience of creating and presenting an enrichment project develops important habits of the mind; self-direction, planning, discovery, problem solving, imagination, and creativity. The children selected a topic and a project that inspired them. They gathered their resources, thought deeply about their topic, and created games, graphs, power points, posters, and presentations too. I'm so proud of all the Story~Stars for creating and presenting personal best projects with energy, enthusiasm, and style! Please take a peek at the projects and the presenters below as we continue to honor and celebrate their enrichment accomplishments!

The Story~Stars Shine... Once Again!

Thank You to the Story~Star Families!

Thank you for celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day!

The words the children shared via email for Teacher Appreciation Day were compiled on to a card which I have read over and over again. Each time, my teacher heart smiles, a big grateful smile. Thank you!~ Mrs. Story
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