Earth Day

By Hanna Lee

Ways I Reduce, Reuse / Recycle

  • Recycle: many animals come to my trash can over the night and make a big mess after digging through the trash, in the morning the can is usually toppled over making a big mess around my yard so I always clean it up so that the mess doesn't get bigger and messier
  • Reduce: I try to reduce what I waste by throwing away trash in the right can. For an example, usually there's a paper recycling bin and just a regular trash can so I try to throw away paper in the paper bin although I sometimes throw it in the regular trash can.
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On March 21, 1971, the UN Secretary-General signed a proclamation making Earth Day as an official international holiday. Ever since and to this day people all over are celebrating this holiday making the world a cleaner and better place. This holiday started after Gaylord Nelson realized that very few people were concerned about how the environment was like deforestation, the destruction of trees, so as a result he decided that he had to do something to protect the earth.


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Want to Learn How to help the Earth? Check this video out down below

Earth Day (HQ)