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Joy& Joe baby®' 1st 2016 wrap release, giveaway&slingit news

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Snood(Tubular neck scarf): £18

Shawl (2m): £35

RS : £55

Medium 3.6m: £69.99
Large 4.2m : £79.99
X-Large 4.6m: £89.99
XXL: £99.99

GSM: 352 g/m2

Monochrome dream will be listed for sale on our website Wednesday, April 13th at 18.00GMT

(Our monochrome dream has been reasonably priced to fit in nicely with our new #embracewrapping campaign whose main purpose is to enable more families to embrace wrapping as a viable and more comfortable approach to babywearing)

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Inspired by minimalistic sophistication, the French's Benton's stripes and Coco channel's take on these iconic stripes. Woven using high quality, ethically sourced Egyptian cotton and woven in the heart of Lancashire like our other woven wraps.

This selection of the sturdiest natural yarns and fibres produce a remarkably hard-wearing, but softly tactile quality, perfect for creating durable slings. It is also a beautiful and practical solution for baby and toddler wearing in tough environments.

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The sateen weave is similar to our 2014 SMP noir but even softer due to its soft tumble finish so it comes to you ready to wear. Woven with a mix of twill and plain sateen weave, this structural weave mix gives the monochrome dream unique wearing properties for your every day babywearing.

The colour combinations are inspired by the evolution of silver and gold in nature known as supernova. Fitting perfectly into the much loved monochrome trend, this black and silver/gold stripe woven wrap is a sleek and stylish way to accentuate your babywearing wardrobe with minimalism.

Our monochrome is reasonably priced to fit in nicely with our #embracewrapping campaign whose main purpose is to enable more families to embrace wrapping as a viable and more comfortable approach to babywearing. This offer will not be available forever, so ensure that you take advantage of our new initiative and enable your friends who have never tried a woven wrap before. A video tutorial DVD will also be added to each order in addition to our full colour and well illustrated user manual so that you can will have the right information to enjoy your wrapping adventure.
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ambassador introduction and Monochrome Dream silver review
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About us

In the midst of an exciting era where babywearing is getting very popular, we created Joy and Joe baby® to radically rethink the way wraps carriers are designed and presented to customers.
Over time, we have garnered a reputation for creating durable wrap slings that are also very stylish for parents to wear and most importantly very comfortable and safe for children.
Drawing from our life experiences of nurturing our children from their difficult beginnings in the neonatal ward, we are keen to promote the advantages and joys of carrying and holding babies close to a wider audience.
We continue to infuse a hand finished craftsmanship with a modern style into our wraps, offering mums and dads a very enjoyable wrap carrier that is refreshingly authentic and reliable.