Black Holes

by Evan Dakolios

The Giant Monsters of Space

A black hole is created when a star stops the process of fusion. Within milliseconds megatons of material is sucked in and a miniature black hole is created and the star implodes and causes a supernova.

The black hole then travels around the universe collecting gases and even consuming whole planets and stars. If a mass enters within the event horizon of a black hole it is basically impossible to escape. As it gets closer to the singularity, the atoms are ripped apart.

If you were going into a black hole feet first you would feel your feet slowly getting tugged on more and more. Then eventually they would get stretched out and ripped off, until eventually your entire body would be consumed.

When a black hole gets to be super-massive it has the potential to help form entire galaxies. Even in the center of the Milky Way there is a super-massive black hole. All of the star that orbit it have such a big gravitational pull that they are moving at about 1,000,000 miles a second.