Come to CHAMP!

Creating Hope and Making Progress

What is CHAMP?

CHAMP is a student run organization. It is a dance marathon from 7pm-7am on Saturday, February 27th. CHAMP benefits local children and families in Huntingdon County that are in need. We raise money all night to donate to these families. This year we are hoping to raise $40,000. CHAMP only costs at least $20 with a permission form, but you are welcome to give more. Another reason to come to CHAMP is the free Sheetz food all night!!


Saturday, Feb. 27th, 7pm-7am

Huntingdon Area Senior High School Gym

This year, the theme of CHAMP is "We Could Be Heroes" in order to support our local heroes, Riley and Wade who passed away last year.


6:30-7:00pm Sign In

&:00: INTRO/ Updates

7:30: Dedication to Riley and Wade; Speakers

8:15-9:00: Implement Scavenger Hunt/ Dance (8-10 Photobooth)

9:00-10:00: Dodgeball; Dance

10:00-10:45: Steph Turner with Instructed Dance

10:45-11:15: Ships & Sailors

11:15-11:30: Telephone Game

11:30-11:45: Musical Chairs

11:45-1:00: Dance

1:00-1:15: Pie in face CHAMP Captains/ Change battle

1:15-1:45: Dance

1:45-2:15: Relay Race

2:15-3:00 Dance

3:00-3:30: Karaoke

3:30-4:00: Hungry Hungry Hippos

4:00-4:45: Lip Sync Battle

4:45-5:30: Dance

5:30-6:15: Reveal Winners

6:15-7:00: Bang: We Could Be Heroes, We Are the Champions

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MUAHS National Honors Society made a $250 Sponsorship to CHAMP!