Millennia village

The perfect Utopia

Be a part of the best Utopia yet!

You will only be required to be positive, respectful, responsible, and you have to help eachothers. If you will no follow these requirements, you will not be able to be a part of this utopia. The government is voted by the residents and we encourage eachother to keep going on and on.

How to live in Millennia village

Residents have to collaborate and help eachother so everybody will be pleased and we can all get what we want and be happy. If you do not go with these expectations, this utopia will end up becoming a dystopia.

What will the conflicts be?

People will have different perspectives on how to do things. This will cause conflict. It is human nature that we dont always agree on things and dont think the same way. This is normal but we have to improve on. We have to develop these traits in order to make this a better utopia. If we dont, it will end up as a dystopia-

What are the benefits of this? Also what are the bad things?

A utopia has near perfect qualities in its community but there is a few negative things about it. Since it has near perfect qualities, people cannot have their perspective and their way. People think differently and if they have to argue it will not be a utopia. So therefore, no utopia is perfect.

What does it look like?

The village is located near the river surrounded by mountains and forest. This keeps the clean air in and any invaders or attackers. Also because it is in the mountains it is near impossible for diseases to enter and there is always peaceful. There is no pollution and we use natural resources and instead of using complex devices we are old school style.


We have good education and school is 6 hours a day. We have some amount of homework and we give them time to do it. We respect their ideas and listen to suggestions that can make our schools better. We have a preschool, an elementary or a junior school, a middle school, high school. This area has no university but has a college.


There is a wide variety of jobs in this village. You can be a blacksmith, crafter, teacher, school applicant, banker, event organizer, store seller, marketer, or a merchant trader. The pay of these jobs are reasonable and the food you buy doesn't cost that much. Jobs are easy to get and many of your co workers collaborate.