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Middle School News for the Month of April


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Whats Going on in the Classroom?


What happened to March! Now that it is April, we are getting to that time of the year when we are getting ready for testing!

We will be getting some useful test-taking strategies and gaining a good grasp of what to do on the big test days!

Along with strategy is also content. Students will be looking at content that will be helping them with their studies. 6th graders are working on understanding the plot, and its structure. 7th grade is looking into how figurative language impacts writing and how to inform others of a topic that they are passionate about. 8th grade is working on how voice, tone, and mood are essential to a piece of writing. Particularly with identifying them and then creating them.

Towards the end of the year, we will all be revisiting Think CERCA and taking our end of the year benchmark.


Wow! What a March full of snow! With only a few days together in March, it feels as though it was a very quiet month. Now, April is the beginning of the end of the year, and for Math, that means it's testing season - a long way from the quiet of March! We still have a lot of work to do, but our students are amazing and will shine brightly as we begin to bring the year to a close.

All students will take their Math state testing the week of April 15th. On Monday, May 6th we will have our final Star360 testing session of the year. Then we will wrap up Math testing with our final ALEKS cumulative exam on Monday, May 13th.

Students can look at the state testing website practice exams at any time by clicking here: CMAS Practice Site then choosing their content area and grade level. They will want to practice in the Computer-Based Practice Item Sets. While this site is only a representation of the types of questions students may see, we encourage them to become familiar with the tools (calculator, ruler, navigation, etc.) within the online exam.

As a reminder, students will need to complete their grade level ALEKS courses to a minimum of 85% progress mastery in addition to their regularly scheduled coursework in Schoology to earn a passing grade for 2nd semester Math. Please contact Mrs. Danford with any questions.


Thanks to everyone that attended the 1st SSAE Middle School Science Exhibition on March 11, 2019. The event was a great success. The students enjoyed showing off their displays and inventions as they discussed what they learned about various topics regarding human survival in extreme living conditions.

Social Studies

6th - Economy, Trade, and International Trade Organizations

Building off previous lessons concerning economies, students will work in groups of three and receive an International Trade Organization to research, study, and present. After identifying the member nations in the trade organization, each group will design an Economic/Natural Resource Map and create a data table listing the member nations and the following information: Government type, Economy, Natural Resources, and GDP.

7th - War Crimes\Genocide Case Study - What are War Crimes? How did the Holocaust happen? Have other cases of genocide occurred in history? Working in groups, students have received a war crime - genocide case in history in order to research, evaluate, gather data, and understand the historical significance. Lastly, each group will design a presentation and teach the lesson to the class.

8th - ITS ALL ABOUT THE DECADES! The students will work in groups of two, select a decade in American history and research various aspects of American culture and politics (domestic and foreign). In addition to analyzing primary and secondary resources, this is an opportunity for students to work on research, communication and presentation skills.