Hunger Moon

By Jane Cooper

Hunger Moon Poem

Come watch the me, Zach Schwartzenberger, give the greatest poetic performance ever give. I will be performing Hunger Moon, by Jane Cooper. Does this poem really relate to us? No, we have supermarkets, but after this performance you will appreciate the great words written from Jane Cooper. The title, Hunger Moon, was a term used by Native American's and is used in the Midwest. It represents winter, and having the ground freeze over. You are not able to grow food, and you have to wait until the spring to be able to grow food again. Jane Cooper uses great wording, and the meaning hits you deeper than you think. I also believe she talks about being trapped within her own mind and body during this poem. Also I think she uses winter as a way of saying she feels alone and cold.
"Slowly the light wanes, the snow will melt

and all the fences thrum in the spring breeze

but not until that sleeper, trapped

in my body, turns and turns."