Mrs. Shuey's Senior News

Information for all seniors - July / August 2015


Sunday, Aug. 9th, 3-5:30pm

2410 South 9th Street

Lafayette, IN

Get Ready for the Common Application

This fall you'll want to fill out the Common Application. Over 500 colleges will accept the Common App, giving you the opportunity to fill out one application for a large number of colleges. They are initiating a new application as of August 1st and will be wiping out all prior user accounts, so you should wait until then to begin. You can still use the link below to get an idea of what information you should gather before you begin applying and which schools will accept the app (Purdue is one of them!).

Summer Writing Assignment

We will begin our school year by perfecting your college application essay. In order to prepare, I am assigning a simple writing task for you to complete one step at a time over the summer. Please follow the link below to see a digital version of the assignment if you have lost your handout.